We are a team of Ayurveda experts with extensive experience.

In this era of NCDs (Non-communicable disorders – lifestyle related diseases), it is our aim to use the knowledge of Ayurveda in keeping the epidemic of lifestyle related disorders at bay. It is our vision to introduce the world to an ayurvedic lifestyle, the knowledge of which has descended from the greatest thinkers in India over thousands of years. Subtle lifestyle and dietary changes given in ayurveda have been proven to prevent various disorders including diabetes, cardiac disorders and many more.

There cannot be a better time to introduce Ayurvedic cuisine than now and this will be a customer delight completely. With ayurvedic cuisine and some introduction to Ayurveda, people are already being benefited around the world.

We provide hands on training in the preparation of Ayurvedic Cuisine and its knowhow. Our team strives to pass on the benefits of Ayurveda through the food that you will serve to your clients. A small step towards a healthy diet & lifestyle for your clients will benefit to keep them fit.

Dr. Mahesh Sabade ‐ Founder, MD (Ayurveda), Ayurveda Consultant.